In June 2012 we experienced a big flood in our garden – see the pictures below. Recently floods have been in the headlines a lot as we have suffered the stormiest winter in memory. This inspired me to write an article about my experience which can be found here: http://www.permaculture.co.uk/articles/using-permaculture-design-prepare-floods

As you can see this chicken was not very impressed! Shortly after we moved them into the bike shed the water rose up to about a foot below the roof of the chicken run.

the pond used to be on the left of this photo but now it expanded to fill half the garden! I was a little worried about the pondlife – we had 4 adult frogs and lots of snails, pond skaters and water boatmen… Amazingly they found their way back when the water subsided

at this point we also rescued the quail from the aviary on the right. They had to go into a crate in the kitchen. Once our store had flooded pieces of wood, tools, straw, feed, buckets etc all started bobbing away!

I know that rice enjoys being flooded but I am not sure about salad! However, the greenhouse did need a good watering and nothing suffered long term.

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