From Microholding to Smallholding

We have upscaled! We now own a 22 acre smallholding in Pembrokeshire where we are planning lots of food related activities whilst we settle in, clean the place up, renovate outbuildings etc. 

We already have 10 Black Rock chickens providing us with fresh eggs from the safety of the fox and mink proof system that we designed and built for them. We have a neighbour’s sheep on tack and some of my sister’s miniature Shetland ponies helping to graze some of the rougher pasture. We were lucky to start with a fairly well established veg garden and orchard which we are tweaking to suit our wants and needs. 

Plans are afoot for our own livestock but we have to address fencing and suitable buildings before committing to anything like cattle. In the meantime to help generate some income we are offering a relaxing, inspirational off-grid camping experience – just 5 tent only pitches and our “tiny home” to rent in our stunning sheltered nature reserve surrounded by nature, birdsong and truly dark night skies. Our new website explains it all!

one of the camp pitches in our nature reserve


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