Pastures New..

Kate’s Microholding has become even smaller – in fact we have now gone semi mobile for a year or two. In the short term we are living in a self reliant hut on wheels that we designed and built over the winter of 2013/2014. It harvests energy from the sun to power electrical items and lights and it is heated by a small woodburner which we also cook on. We also have an outdoor bucket shower (see my article: As many materials as possible for the build are reclaimed, recycled, salvaged or carbon neutral and our new home can be towed legally on the road.



We have now relocated to Pembrokeshire, West Wales, where we have decided to settle down permanently. For the time being we are staying on a farm and we have both found local employment. We have joined the local organic Community Supported Agriculture scheme, COCA, near St Davids and we do some foraging for food whenever we are out and about.

In the long term our dream is to buy some land somewhere to look after with biodiversity and nature conservancy as a priority but try to produce some food for ourselves and others in an “edible landscape” where we can encourage native perennial edibles and wild foraging. We hope to experiment with and showcase appropriate technology and living lightly on the land and hopefully we can inspire and educate others.

This is a wildly experimental project but we are quite confident that we have the right attitude and relevant skills and experience to make it work. I love looking to the past to see how people lived before all the modern technology and reliance on fossil fuels. We are now living in a more simple and natural way (as our ancestors did) and we find it extremely fulfilling and fun!




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