Transforming a garden into a productive microholding

We moved into our property in May 2007 having never done a garden design project before. But with a lot of enthusiasm and some know-how and practical skills we transformed two very bare spaces (one in front of the house and one behind) into thriving and diverse productive areas at a total cost of under £100.

The back garden (part of the old railway embankment) when we moved in.







The back garden after 70 hours of our labour and at a cost of under £25







The front garden when we moved in




One year later after just observing the garden through the seasons we used garden canes to plan where to place the beds, paths and greenhouse








Another year on in full production





Looking through the garden gate the day we moved in and after redesigning:








looking down the garden when we moved in







Looking down the garden during work





looking down the garden when in full production

Harvest achievements

For a year between May 2011 and April 2012 we weighed and recorded everything we harvested from the garden. I found it to be a difficult year for growing some crops due to the very dry spring and some crops that are usually easy to grow almost totally failed; such as courgettes and cucumbers. We went away several times for work or on holiday during the growing season so some crops didn’t get the attention they needed and some didn’t get harvested.

Overall though we harvested 111kg of vegetables and 86kg of fruit over the year.

We didn’t buy any vegetables except during March and April